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Grown Ups

Etiquette For The Host 

Mother Preparing Dinner

Whether you are planning a casual or elegant formal event you want to be sure that you set the perfect table and ensure all the preparations and touches will impress your guests.

I can help you create the perfect menu, prepare the meal, design a beautiful table and make your lunch, afternoon tea or dinner party the envy of your friends and family.  

We'll think of all the special touches such as gifts, flowers and photography that will make the event memorable.

I decided to get a jump start on the holiday season this year and hired Sheila to give me a refresher on dining etiquette when hosting a holiday party or gathering. I really enjoyed the experience!  She was very professional, knowledgeable and attentive. She suggested reasonably priced places to purchase dishware and cutlery. She had ideas on how to nicely decorate the table and even provided ideas for drinks and desserts that are simple to prepare and that she thought my guests might like. All of my questions were answered and I feel confident that when my twenty guests arrive for Thanksgiving, it will go off without a hitch!  Melanie W.

Etiquette For The Guest

Women at Party

You want to be at your best at a company party, interview lunch or dinner - or a gathering of family or friends. It is surprising just how stressful these events can be. 

Sheila's taste is impeccable. She's the consummate host and always able to create the perfect vibe in a room so that everyone relaxes and enjoys themselves -- so that whatever mission necessary to be accomplished happens -- effortlessly. Tori Rogers Klein, UNLV

Be prepared by fine tuning your social etiquette skills so that you can make a really positive impression. You do not want to go unnoticed or be remembered for something you regret saying or doing.  

Let's work together to ensure you are at your best whatever the social occasion or event. 

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